Friday’s Fat Tracks:

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Happy weekend peeps..



See you all on the other side.

Play nicely.

What men want: Ahhh


How many times have your arm been twisted? Everyone can relate to this guy.  Nivea for Men has just released this beauty and we could not let you spend your weekend without this little piece of advice.


Sorry guy’s I think someone is not playing ball therefore no English version. But you can still get the drift..

Now that’s how you advertise a moisturiser to men.

Great work Draft FCB.


Homebase versus Lowe’s

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The battle between of the retailers is known as the fiercest competition there is.

Where the margin for error is so small, I mean one penny to much or too little and they don’t quite make it. One half second to slow or too fast and they don’t quite catch them. The penny’s they need are everywhere around them, in every opportunity in the industry, every price cut, every margin. Retailers need to fight for the advantage, retailers need to shred themselves and everyone around them into pieces for that single penny. Because when they add up all those pennies, they know that it can make all the difference, between winning and losing. Between being successful or failing. Because that’s what retailing is.

Now the only difference here is that there is a giant pond of water between these two, because this competition is between the Queens’ United Kingdom and the Bald Eagles of United States. They might not even compete against each other for market share but just for today, let’s say they do.

Because this my friends, is the battle of advertising. Where creative ideas rule making us drool in inspiration. In this game each team has big names playing for them, the Queens’ have a top scoring centre forward as Leo Burnett and the Eagles an All Star Quarter back  in BBDO New York.

Where the audience is the ref, the judge and they always always has the final say.

So let the games begin!

Homebase to kickoff


and Lowe’s to receive


What are you thought’s because to be honest I feel this is a tight competition and there is very little difference between these two teams.

Both spots were flighted around the same time and the field of play is the giant pond and let’s be honest the overall difference between them is much of a muchness.  Both focusing on improving the home, which is a given being they home “improvement” retailers. Both ads are creatively and visually appealing and these from what I can tell are the only slight differences.

Homebases’ key POD is mentioning a wider product offer and then it also spreads its wings to the garden and the biggest challenge of UK homes with space.

While Lowes’ intercepts with a seasonal refresh message, inching forward with the technological era driving eyes to an even wider offer of inspiration available on the app, dropping a big name such as Apple.

I wonder how many people actually received all those messages from those two ads.

Personally I like them both, therefore I’m calling it a draw.

Great game Leo’s and BBDO, great game and well played.

But what do you say?


Dumbo playing with a Galaxy Note!

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Actually his name is Peter, yeah that’s exactly what I thought his name was and the big guy is not so dumb after all.


Cute little spot, I like.

Anyone know the agency?



Reminder: Tomorrow is Earth Hour

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Just a little reminder to switch off all your lights for an hour tomorrow evening at 20h30.


Even if it’s to save 0.1% of global energy usage.

Every little bit makes a difference.

Pepsi: Crowd surfing

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I’m not entirely sure if I like this one.


Yes it might have the likes of the Messi, Drogba, Lampard and the worlds worst transfer EVER Fernando Torres. It even has the almighty Calvin Harris on the decks. But for me it just doesn’t seem to all work together. Perhaps it’s a little far fetched for me but I still prefer the older Pepsi footie ads such as this one for the World Cup in South Africa, or the Medieval Fight, or the Sumo commercial. They just had that good feel factor to them which I feel this campaign is lacking on top of that it was felt more achievable where this feels totally unrealistic, maybe a bit to far fetched this time by CLM BBDO, Paris. Suppose you can’t win them all. Another issue I have is why did they feel the need to show the players names when anyone who follow’s the game will know who those players are and surely that’s who they are targeting? Maybe it all just needed a little bit more time in post production to clean up the rough edges.

Great concept gone wrong I feel. I’m no creative but it almost feels as if it should be the other way round where the game come’s first the music second and crowd third. Something the lines, like having the players do their thing while Calvin Harris meets the beat to their feet and introducing the fans to join in the mix but not unrealistic crowd surfing, just saying.

Still I love the ending where the Messi sneaks off with the vending machine, very cheeky.

What do you think?

The Shit Kids Say

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Bet you didn’t expect that.

Great little piece of shockvertising riding on the current web trend  “what” people say. Resulting to a powerful spot for the children’s protection charity, NSPCC.

Well done Inferno.

Mini awesomeness: John Cooper Works Countryman

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Last week we posted about the first man to fly like a bird, and I’m sad to say that this was a hoax. All for a documentary in tricking the internet whilst creating trends, fair we have to give it to the guy as he achieved what he set out to do. You can see the whole write up about it here, cause I’m still to disappointed to go into detail.

Then this little beaut popped into my inbox thanks to J-son and it made me feel a little better as man is still challenging the impossible. Especially as they take on the rules of gravity. What do you get when you add x1 Man + Wingsuit + Canyon + Mini Cooper Countryman =



Beats the hell out of roof surfing, I’m super keen to actually try this out.

Still I bet there is some CGI taking place.

Does anyone know who the agency is?

Hopefully that makes up for sharing a fake vid.

Cheers Jason

Wacky Wednesday: Naked Ambition

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The Saatchi’s has been making some moves recently. Here is their latest piece of work by the London agency “Showcase” Call for entries for the 59th Cannes festival. This little backwards beaut was directed by non other than Chris Palmer, looks like Saatchi’s putting their money where their mouth is. The little skit features an adult movie director whose ambition is to make advertising commercials.  Which is pretty much contradicting the industry whereby most Art Directors inspire to be successful Film Directors, funny that anyway’s you have to start somewhere, just saying.

Have a look to see how many iconic advertising references, techniques and slogans can you find in the below skit.


Ever year for the past 12 years  Saatchi’s New Directors showcase has been a highlight at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Which is apparently “the best attended even after the award ceremonies” acording to Saatchi & Saatchi. However I have to say the after party must come in a close second. Still it’s a great way to attract, identify and nurture new creative talent from around the world.



Men now have a reason to love Easter: in Brazil

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Easter eggs made with beer and boobs, what’s not to love.

Looks like an Easter holiday in Brazil is in order.  Damn they have everything why don’t we just move there.

Great work F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, now that’s thinking out the box.


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