Monday Madness: Charlie Sheen is reborn


Have you ever heard such bollocks in your life before? Surely the man Charlie Sheen, predominantly known for winning and basically single handily ruining his career on numerous occasions. Is due to make a comeback surely it’s an impossible feat let alone totally mind blowing to even try to attempt a comeback from all the negative publicity he received just last year. Yes I agree he did have to stoop down to commercial level but then again why the hell effing not? He is Charlie Sheen after all and he always does what he want’s with minimal respect to the ordinary norm’s in today’s society and simple general laws, he would part the sea’s and name himself Moses if it were humanly possible so if anyone can make a comeback it’s Charlie Sheen. Because no matter how hard you can try he will find you, simply because he’s Charlie Sheen and he is winning.

Being known for pure enjoyment for a good time, over indulging with booze; beautiful women by the handful and constantly being intoxicated with various illegal narcotics. Charlie Sheen has basically done it all, he has been in rehab so many times that they have even given him an honorary lifetime loyalty membership card which is virtually impossible to achieve as most candidates usually overdose and die, before being awarded into the exclusive club.  If you don’t realise this membership package has boundless benefits, not only is he able to attend any sharing meetings that he wishes including the sex addicts classes but more importantly also it gives him the ability to hear writers and directors ideas way before anyone else in the industry. However the key advantage of this is the ability to form close and loyal relationships with various people high within the film industry and everyone know’s what the benefits of knowing people can result to. Not only that it is after all, a well-known fact that rehab is one of the best excuses for a simple PR stint for jump starting anyone’s career, just look at Lohan, Baldwin, David Bowie, Gerard Butler, Demi Moore and Seann William Scott careers for example. Which have all been influenced either positively or negatively by visiting rehab some way or another. Sure it’s a gamble it’s like rolling the dice with their careers and sometimes with their lives like Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears, rest their souls and no one like’s negative publicity but sometimes and only sometimes negative publicity does have its positives none the less. Now I’m not saying drugs are good in fact I’m a huge fan of giving hugs and not drugs and I’m definitely not a tree hugger. It’s simply just the lifestyle in which high end celebrities live where they are suffer from copious amounts of pure pressure, let alone stress and free time and don’t forget shit loads of money. I feel sorry for them because it’s bound to catch them sooner or later and it would happen to even the best of us. And I say BIG up’s to those who have the balls to stand up and challenge their addictions and none is better at that than the man Sheen.

Ok back on topic Charlie Sheen has recently appeared in an various campaigns including the Fiat Abrath which we posted here as well guest starring in a spot for DirectTV:


Did you enjoy that?

And now he stars in a Dutch ad campaign for a Bavaria beer campaign, don’t worry people it’s an alcohol free beer but this last ad is by far my favourite out of the three.  Ok maybe it doesn’t beat role playing some scenes from Platoon with Sheen while being totally sauced, which personally I think would kick the arse out of eating a kebab at 3am.  This last campaign almost gives Sheen a good boy rep away from all the sex, drugs and booze personification and let alone because the strategy and this creative is perfectly spot on.


What a cheekily honest way to advertise 0.0% alcohol free beer, great work by the local agency Selmore and even better work by the man Charlie Sheen for being the first person for making our Monday Madness category twice as well as for his latest comeback. He is truly winning, watch out world Charlie Sheen is coming back.


Tic tac: gets rude

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Everyone has a fear of finding out that they have a bad breath, it’s like those good people who kindly tell you from the bottom of their hearts that you have a booger dangling from your nose and that’s just after you left the conversation whilst trying to chat up that really attractive brunette at the bar. You know that feeling right well that’s exactly what Ogilvy Paris did for Tic tac refreshing mints in Rouen France. By creating one of the cruellest yet funniest  practical joke I have ever seen, bet I wouldn’t think it was funny if it happened to me though.


Seriously I’m never going to give directions to anyone ever again. If you’re lost and wonder why no one will give you directions now you know why and you can blame Ogilvy and tic tac for that.  Love that they took the stunt to the next over the top level whilst turning the more traditional flash mob upside down, from targeting the plurals into singular.  However I’m still struggling to figure out if the actual targets were also involved in the stunt.

In the end does it matter? It still makes a great experiential TV ad.

Good luck for you, the next time you’re lost.

Great work Ogilvy and Tic tac, touché’

Google’s: Project Glass: One day…

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To be honest, even though I see the benefits of this I personally hope that we don’t look through our lives through glass one day.

Still love the innovative movement which Google follows improving our daily lives.


TNT: Know’s drama and how to correctly do experiential

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This is currently doing the rounds on the social webs and there is no wonder why. It’s absolutely amazing, everything about it sweats brilliance and passion. Great piece of experiential work for the American based TNT channel which is now available in Spain, Germany and Turkey with more European countries in the pipeline. This little stint was for the launch the channel in Belgium. Where residents of a small average Flemish square of an average Flemish town were invited to push a giant red button change with the sign “Push to add Drama”, well I’ll let you find out what unravels next.


That’s one way to bring excitement into a little town square. However, there’s always a however personally I feel that this is more suitable for the Action channel rather than “Drama”. Everyone to their own and no matter what it’s still a great concept full of excitement and legs.

Doe’s anyone know who the brains behind this is?

Mastering the single take shot: State Insurance

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Being given a story board that has only one take is any directors’ dream come true. The amount of difficulties in mastering a single take shot, add up to nothing short of a mountain full of technical problems and complete pure patience. In order to get everything just right to ensure that it’s flowing freely and in perfect sequence requires a little sprinkle of fairy dust and pure lady luck. When it does pull off however the final outcome will always be worth it, you all remember the Honda Cog ad, click here if you don’t and don’t come back. That spot took only 4.5 months and a little more than 606 takes through pure trial and error, to complete just a single take. All of that for a perfect 2 minutes of film.

Now imagine the difficulties when there are more factors involved such as a cast of about 30, singing, freaking chickens, rotating angles, explosions and that’s only 26’’ in. So have a little look at this and imagine the difficulties in getting this shot just right and if that’s not enough they use the track, Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride. Cheeky and witty now that’s gold.


Huge respect for Colenso BBDO New Zealand and director Nathan Price for this little master piece, we like.


It’s official, Martin Kaymer is Winning

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You’re not going to believe if I told you, what happened during Martin Kaymer‘s Monday practice round on the 16th at Augusta ahead of this weeks Masters. So I’ll show you.


I knew they called him the dam buster but that’s just ridiculously insane.

Now please don’t go and try practice this at your local club.

Don’t worry I was thinking the same thing.

Keith Apicary is also Winning

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This day is just full of winning.


Love that.

Thanks Jason

What men want: Ahhh


How many times have your arm been twisted? Everyone can relate to this guy.  Nivea for Men has just released this beauty and we could not let you spend your weekend without this little piece of advice.


Sorry guy’s I think someone is not playing ball therefore no English version. But you can still get the drift..

Now that’s how you advertise a moisturiser to men.

Great work Draft FCB.


Dumbo playing with a Galaxy Note!

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Actually his name is Peter, yeah that’s exactly what I thought his name was and the big guy is not so dumb after all.


Cute little spot, I like.

Anyone know the agency?



Mini awesomeness: John Cooper Works Countryman

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Last week we posted about the first man to fly like a bird, and I’m sad to say that this was a hoax. All for a documentary in tricking the internet whilst creating trends, fair we have to give it to the guy as he achieved what he set out to do. You can see the whole write up about it here, cause I’m still to disappointed to go into detail.

Then this little beaut popped into my inbox thanks to J-son and it made me feel a little better as man is still challenging the impossible. Especially as they take on the rules of gravity. What do you get when you add x1 Man + Wingsuit + Canyon + Mini Cooper Countryman =



Beats the hell out of roof surfing, I’m super keen to actually try this out.

Still I bet there is some CGI taking place.

Does anyone know who the agency is?

Hopefully that makes up for sharing a fake vid.

Cheers Jason

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