He deserves it after fighting BRAIN CANCER at the tender age of 24, the man has more heart and balls than most men and I raise my glass to him with the utmost huge respect.

I have been fortunate enough to have met Brand in the past, a few times mostly whilst out on the piss as one does and met his loving family through mutual friends along the way. Then one day via the grapevine I hear some shocking news with regards to Brad’s situation. Now if you have never met Brad then I can tell you he is one witty full of life, mischievously fun, little shit (he is smaller than me so I can say that) but what I didn’t know is actually how brave and strong this “little shit” really is. Wait does that make him bigger and more manlier than me, hmmm? Back to the topic, anyway so when I heard this news it really did come at a shock, the dude is 24 and the last time I saw him he was living life to the fullest whilst chasing thee’ dream, like any young chap his age would he was charging large.

So for just under 2 month’s I have been captivated whilst reading Brad’s blog, see here. If you have some time, I would highly recommend you to start from the very first post and read his exceptional journey. Where it sounds like he has found the true meaning of life though his endeavours.  Where most men live their entire lives without finding, here is Brad conquering the big C with a big F U.

To me Brand is a hero and rightly deservingly so.

So if you see Brad, throw him a HIGH FIVE and buy the man a beer.

Or any man/lady with a shaved head for that matter – excluding those guys that sit down at that pub on Sunday’s covered with tattoos and wearing leathers, those guys don’t need any more beer.

Guy’s if you know anyone fighting the C please share Brad’s blog as he is an inspiration amongst fighters.


Big Up’s Brad..