Now I’m not sure if you can remember the original Got Milk! campaign created by the Goodby, Silverstein & Partners agency in 1993 and a legend in my eyes Mr. Jeff Goodby being the strategic brains behind this highly successful campaign. He was later given the highest honour at the CLIO awards with the CLIO lifetime achievement award in 2009. The original ads (see here for the first and my favourite) have featured almost every celebrity that you could imagine from David Beckham to Jennifer Aniston, just Google – got milk celebrities and you will be amazed at the results.

The Campaign caught on so well that it received millions of US$ in free media from PR on TV shows such as Friends; Family guy and Futurama to name only a few and even on a console game such as Sonic the hedgehog through to the T-shirts and Coffee Mugs. How many adverts do you see on T-shirts these days being sold in Camden market? I rest my case.

Fine print – and before you even think to mention the CTM meercat book’s; shirts; mugs; hats; pen’s; ball’s;  teddies etc. etc. etc. They all come from their advertising agencies. Trust me I know.

Anyways so it seems that now a London based agency, Kindred has basically mimicked the same freaking campaign. Changing the headline Got Milk to Make Mine Milk to better suit the British audience, fair enough I’m all for adaptive advertising for localising messages for different target markets, hey we all do it at some point or another. Just to ensure that we get the right message across or to ensure that you’re not actually insulting them in any way possible. Yes maybe Kindred or the client have the rights to use the Got Milk idea and I humbly apologise if they do, but really are you FUCKING kidding me.

Rupert's - Make mine Milk

David Beckham in Got Milk campaign

Beckham's - Got Milk?








Why don’t you just recreate the Pregnant Man while you’re at it?

This really pisses on my batteries and I have seen it happen time and time again especially here in London with these all almighty “Creative directors” claiming the big idea to be that of their very own. Sorry to say but this is becoming to happen increasingly more often, where the creative minds are forced for different reasons whether it be time; budget; client restrictions; lack of client service capabilities; planning or any other reasons of influence, the list goes on. It’s almost sounds like the creatives of our time have run out of fresh and original ideas where they are restricted to look into old archives for the next big idea, hopefully mostly of their own but on this instance this is not the case.

It saddens me to say, rather than running out of ideas it’s more the case of our generation creatives’ are being forced respond like robots in order to churn out the work rather than having the time or the budget or freedom to come up with something more original, better suited for the brief or opportunity at hand. The bigger issue is that there is no one to blame but everyone and yourself and that my friend is another topic altogether and for another day.

The issue I have now is that personally duplicating someone else’s idea is basically copyright infringement which is similar to being a petty thief to a “greater” creative mind. Personally I find this ultimately insulting to the industry on a whole as well as for those individuals who are in the industry passion, which is ultimately the foremost reason for them choosing this as their career path because it sure is not the money.

It’s almost like making a remix of The Beatles with dubstep, it’s just not cricket baby. Which I’m shocked to say that someone has already done.


Now how does that sound/feel? and I like some dubstep.

Anyway back on topic, before today I didn’t have a clue that Kindred even existed until I did a bit of research in order to find out who did the latest “make mine Milk” campaign. Then when I found their website and had a little read through their case study I was shocked to read basically the exact same case study that Goodby, Silverstein & Partners had back in 1993, funny that.

This is what Kindred said under the “Our Thinking” column, “With teenage girls heavily influenced by celebrities we developed a celeb-led campaign to drive awareness and product choice. We launched a high profile range of ‘milktash’ adverts”. The only note to say that Kindred mimicked the idea was right at the very end of their downloadable case study “Working with the Milk Marketing Forum, we took on a creative campaign that had proved successful in the USA, and adapted it for our audience.” Which is similar to the fine print of any contract, or even the T’s and C’s which you will find in a tiny point 10 font at the bottom; least visible place on the print ad.

Furthermore what I find hilarious is that we constantly make fun of our counterparts across the Atlantic and I would suppose the opposite is also true in return. So therefore there can be only one last solution to this embarrassing “Make mine milk” campaign in order to resolve it once and for all and that’s to feature Jeremy Clarkson and the Rolls Royce with a ‘milktash’ just to say one last F U. Might as well go out with a bang while we are at it, don’t you think?

On that note please Creative Directors Sir’s and Ma’am’s of the world please don’t copy/ mimic/ duplicate/ take on any more other people’s ideas, you wouldn’t like it and you wouldn’t win awards for it. Anyways you get paid to create original creative so be original and get creative.

Moving on I’m happy to say that there is now a new USA version Got Milk ad featuring none other than Salma Haylek, can I hear a yes please. That has just been launched by Deutsch NY, who BTW really does have Real California Milk as their client, the original Got Milk client.