Or at least far away from your children and civilization. Recently I stumbled across this little shocker from CBS news and had to force myself to laugh in order to stop myself from throwing a series of quick jabs at the screen. Now I know a few shmodels and NONE of them act this bad, they can be a little precious at times but hey that’s how they are treated whilst at work so why not claim the rewards and rape it while they can, wouldn’t you? So you can’t blame them for acting like that while at work but trust me when you meet them out in the open they are just normal humans and they do normal human stuff, only difference is that they are very very good looking.

Now I don’t know any hand models and fortune enough had never had the opportunity to have had to work with a professional one but I’m sure as hell glad not to after seeing this.


“I view my hands like an elite athlete like an Olympic athlete so with everything I do I protect them in any way that I can from any jeopardy and any danger in any way.” Is she serious, so she doesn’t ever use them EVER – she doesn’t cook, clean, opening cans, gardening, open windows or doors all because she is scared of a paper cut or broken nail which could result her in losing her career. How much would you bet to say that she is not married or if she still lives at home with her parents?

I actually don’t want to talk about this anymore, I’m that grossed out.

PS: If she is married I give you full permission to punch him in the mouth..

The End.