Maybe this launched a little early or maybe someone couldn’t keep their fat mouth shut but really do I really care?

The story line/ big idea for this ad is basically the same as the Honda or the Porsche or Fiat or the Subaru, yes you get the main idea and trust there are many others. All boasting their heritage and long line of an improved a product line, hence the overtaking or showing dominance in an extensive range.  Sometimes it works brilliantly, like the Honda Impossible Dream spot. Personally this is one of my old time bests, I feel it works well as an overarching brand message as well as showing their wide range brilliantly. Otherwise I fear that this “overtaking” idea is just being mimicked and you all know how much I don’t like copy cats.

Then earlier this month Mercedes were grateful enough to have given us a little peek of this little gem, I’m talking about the car not the ad. To me the ad has been overdone a few times over, to such a point it’s almost as if an over dressed waiter put’s a crispy well-done fillet down in front of you, when you ordered a medium rare.


No I like the car and I love the brand I’m the odd one out of all of my mates who drive BMW and then there is me who decides to be different I turn to Merc or Audi. Not because I don’t like BMW it’s just because out of the German Manufactures.  I personally prefer what Merc and Audi stand for, I prefer the look the styling the connotations that go with those two brands I prefer the drive. Beemers make brilliant cars don’t get me wrong but if you would like to discuss this further we would need a good bottle of single barrel.

Ultimately I have always been a fan of the SL range and almost shed a few tears when I heard that my ladies bullet decided to sell his classic 1980 270 and to make matters worse I didn’t even get a chance to get behind the wheel. So the anticipation for the release  of latest model is killing me and I can’t wait to see it in person when it launches this summer. Some of you I know hate the SL’s but how many of you have have driven one, maybe it’s not the best car in the world I agree and maybe some models did look a bit feminine but hey aren’t cars supposed to be your lady? On that note don’t you ever dare say anything bad about the SLS.


The curves on this bad boy are insane and I could picture my lady sitting in the passenger seat, yes their curves will go nicely together indeed.

Roll on summer.