I like Hugh Jackson I mean he is a real man just like Crocodile Dundee, they are both Aussie and they are just born hardcore like that. They are the kind of men that if you get stuck with them in the middle of the jungle they could build you a 7 star hotel using only a penknife. On top of that chicks seem to love them, not only because they can build a hotel with a penknife. They just has that likeable look about them, which inevitably makes other men jealous. Even his damn name has MAN in it, they should just call him Mr. Huge Jack Man.

So for all the men, who are not Hugh Jackman this is for YOU. N’joy..


Did you enjoy that? Because I sure did.

You can’t argue he is quite the man, after all he did brush off all those slaps with the greatest of ease and what a gentleman for “not loosing his cool” while acting quickly on his feet using only a little bit of ice to ensure that they get the shot. And after all that he still gets the girl, damn Hugh Jackman is the MAN.

Nice work Lipton Ice Tea, nice work..