Just yesterday I posted something here raving about helping the Invisible Children NGO with the Kony 2012 project and even I took liberation from the story and donated a bit of money in reward for two of those “African” manmade bracelets believing that it was all for a good cause. Then this morning I receive another viral vid from Jason Russell giving his prays and thanks for all the kind donations and support.


This got me thinking as yes maybe they are very nice guys and very dedicated team but after just 2 days and somewhere over 2 million views this topic has turned into a global mass viral entity. Big Up’s for them for achieving that and recognising and voicing their thanks but then again topics like this regarding the less fortunate and especially the likes of 3rd world development to make quite a storm. Just the other day a good friend Mark made an astonishing 298 thousand hits and that was a simple awareness message for educating the vast population about the Rhino poachers and how they could help to be stopped, Marc did all of this from his own house and the video didn’t cost him a thing to make but only his own personal time and dedication.

Even though the Invisible Children video was professionally done and must have cost quite a lot more than zip the video still managed to reach a massive 2 million plus views after all they did ask people to blatantly share the word and that’s what we all did and I’m first to blame, I have to admit because it did make me feel a little “empowered” and a little bit chuffed with myself for helping a good cause.

Then you will always get the cynical types and some of my hipster mates on assbook had something negative to say but they always do after all they are emo like that and bless them because we all need some indie tree hugging hippy hipsters in our lives after all they add balance to life. Even if I won’t go too back-2-back festivals with them they are still awesome humans to hangout with once in a while because they are full of love and wear skinny jeans and stuff. Hey don’t judge it can be fun to be different but what I’m actually trying to say is that they normally do have a different perspective and even though they might not be always right, it is nice to hear because who is right these days. So when I heard things like “is Kony 2012 just propaganda to make it acceptable for the US to take over Uganda and their oil” – from Sean’o. It makes you think of Iraq doesn’t it? So maybe the hipsters do have a valid point there. After all they are mocking some guys who look rather indie themselves, so it got me thinking I wanted to know more.

So after a bit of digging I found some rather interesting facts from various of blogs and sites most of which was from Jezebel which is primarily a woman interest website (Go women power) and Vice which I will let you read for yourselves if you would like to, but basically they both make similar valid points.

However after syphoning out the main flux from them, the main points of conflict and rightly so, is that the NCO Invisible Children only have 2 stars out of a possible 4 from Charity Navigator mainly because they have not had their finances externally audited, which means that we don’t know who to believe with regards to the financials being spent and made. This subject is a little dodgy I must say, therefore 1 point for against.

Then the topic that they refuse to co-operate with the Better Business Bureau came to light – which is an organisation that investigates the ethnical nature of companies. Which stated flashing giant red warning lights, brighter than Soho does late on Friday nights. 2 against.

I’m not going into the depths of the criticisms because who is to believe who at this point and who is to say what is right versus wrong, because to be honest at this stage it’s starting to sound like just another giant conspiracy theory, where everyone is wanting to catch the wave of the viral ripples like that when you drop a rock into a pond. Now everyone has their own opinions and rightly so, hey it’s a free world (well kinda) so here are mine.

Before people slate the tactics for Kony 2012, can they honestly say that they have dedicated 10 years of their lives or is a professional on the Uganda war? and do you honestly really know what the best methods to overcome these issues is? and hold on have you ever freaking been to Uganda, let alone Africa?  Just a hint, Brazil is not in Africa.

Then who’s to argue with their marketing tactics and to say that they are douche’s, at the end of the day Invisible Children are doing this all for a good cause, only to improve this world, are you doing anything to make a difference in this world? and if you want to slate their marketing skills then you better be able to back yourself and improve on reaching their +2 million views in only two days. Along with a viral share of voice and heart that has the global social web going absolutely nuts about. Only if you can reach those targets and only then you can say something  negative and while you at it please can I have a job, but on the other hand and if can’t then you yourself is an even bigger douchebag and should simply keep your mouth damn well shut.

Two topics have been left open firstly the fact that the LRA have been known  to also use child soldiers which the NGO Invisible Children seem to have left out and is that not what they stand for? Then while they aid to assist the LRA in over powering Kony along with your help the Ugandans will be given more ammunition and a free pass into central Africa wont that just aid more destruction than peace as there has always been way in those regions for various reasons. My main concern is that we should be assisting to be putting an end to this war not fuel it, U.S. President Bill Clinton professed that he was “helping” in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1990s and his help ended up with over 6 million people losing their lives.

So that’s leads me with 3 against versus the 3 pro’s for Invisible Children and I’m sure there will be a few more points that will come out in the open soon. For now however my personal opinion is, hey so what if they make a few bob let them after all they come up with the initiative and dedicated 10 years of their lives to aid a good cause in making the world a better place. Have you?

Please remember that I’m far from an expert on this topic so I have little ground to stand on personally, these are only my opinions and at the end of the day there are far to many but’s and not enough if’s.

I have a feeling that this is:

To be continued…