Three days ago the cookie giant Oreo reached a massive milestone in the corporate world one that somehow managed to narrowly escaped me, but we will get onto that a little later. Can you believe it Oreo’s is officially a hundred years old, damn could you imagine the amount of twisting, licking and dunking that has taken place in the last 100 years or the amount of milk that has been consumed all because of this little black cookie of deliciousness, those poor cows are feeding your cookie habits shame on you.

Oreo is the world’s favourite biscuit, fact. Everyone has had one it’s like Coca Cola they are just everywhere and if you haven’t had one, then sorry for youuuuu. Firstly because you don’t know what you are missing out on and secondly you must be the only person on this little blue and green planet who hasn’t had the pleasure in relishing the chocolate and vanilla flavoured sandwich. They estimate that a whopping 20.5 MILLION are eaten everyday, which is easy to believe as there are unlimited ways to eat them. They taste good crushed and sprinkled over ice cream there is an Oreo’s milkshake flavour and they can also be used as a cheesecake base, your guess is better than mine and everyone has their own favourite method in eating Oreo’s. Personally I can’t be bothered with all the twisting and dunking that’s just time wasting stuff, I get straight down to business and throw them back like crisps. Maybe that’s why my blood sugar is always a tad on the high side.

Okay getting side tracked so the reason why I wanted to share this is not only that I love the brand and the biscuits even more but I’m loving their current advertising. Recently I posted a cute little spot from Oreo, which you can see here. Then I find these little goodies and again my creative taste buds were drooling. This simple yet highly effective creative is bought to you by Draft FCB New York with their big idea, Celebrate the kid inside, see for yourself from their cute TVC’s.



Yes that touched you didn’t it, I love it when a broadcast ad can be related to by the masses, that’s what it’s there for is’t it? But it doesn’t stop there they then take another route through print, by celebrating the milestones that have happened over the past century, showing not only their age but also the special moments that they have shared with you. All while not forgetting the bigger message and driving people to dunk into their digital space for some more fun, 360 nice I like.



My only concern was why didn’t London get this treatment if we did where the hell was it cause I for one didn’t see it anywhere. Campaigns as big and great as this should be celebrated globally, obviously adapted to fit the local market but these messages from what I could imagine wouldn’t need that much of a change to suit every second market. So where was it then Mrs Media Buyer/Planner?

Twist, licked and slam dunked, two points to Draft FCB!