On Monday night the world #1 golfer Rory McIlroy took on the #1 tennis babe Maria Sharapova and won a point in the BNP Paribas showdown exhibition match between #1 Tennis champ Caroline Wozniacki and Sharapova at Madison Square Gardens. While the players were just having some fun playing with the crowd, one lucky gent got the opportunity to dance with Sharapova and then Wozniacki (Rory’s Girlfriend) asked if there was any hot guys in the audience who wanted to dance with her. Rory’s hand was up faster than you, could say either of their names, being the gent he is not wanting to leave his Missus hanging. Why? because he can and wouldn’t you?


Even though they were just fooling around he still won the point, proving that this man is unstoppable at the moment.

Bet that won him a few brownie points with Caroline? Winning.

What a legend.