This is power.

I’ve always been a fan of the National Lottery ads created by AMV BBDO with the campaigns such as What would you do, And the EuroMillions Tuesday work stands out. As they have the ability to tickle one’s inner child imagination teasing with endless opportunities that awaits your wildest fantasies, if you win of course. Surely this drives ticket sales as people chase their dreams. Everyone imagines and desire’s winning millions and the National Lottery play that card very well by prompting dreams but now they have gone full circle. Turning a new leaf and in the process expanding the feel good factor with National Lottery and its reputation for its corporate responsibility. Have a look at this little beast:


How emotionally moving is that? Absolutely power..

“The advert is inspired by the story of Private Jack Jennings who, thanks to the lottery funded Heroes Return programme, was able to return to Burma where he fought during the Second World War.” Source: The National Lottery.

People will be happy to know that the money they spend on lottery tickets doesn’t just go to the winners but also a staggering £30m a week gets split up between over 370,000 good causes’ projects.  If you want to find out how they have helped in your area then click here.

Now that’s how you play the emotional card.

Well done AMV and Camelot Group.

Brilliant work!