No, well me neither. If you have I’m very jealous, but I could imagine it being just as awesome as this only with a lot of booze and weird foods involved.

If you have no idea what a 7’s tournament entails well then get out from under that stone of your’s and click here to book tickets to the next one coming close to you. It’s a fun day out and not to be missed, just a warning get dressed up otherwise you may feel just a tad out of place.

On another note a word of advice to all those people who advertise sport, if you don’t play or not a huge fan of the game then please please don’t try and portrait it in an ad. No matter how much you think you know the game trust me you DON’T and actually you have absolutely no (insert swearword) clue. It ALWAYS shows and it NEVER works out for the better and can  result in only disaster as it  insult’s/disappoints the players/fans, which inevitably does far more harm than good. Rather just skip the ad if you’re not 100% sure cause 9.99 times out of 10, it will be offsides and result in a penalty. Fact.

This however, does work and on so many levels.


How could you go wrong I mean it has cowboys, a huge sidestep, green army men, a BIG hit, George Gregan, nacho libre, great high ball take, Xmas dwarfs getting smashed, trick shots by the dozzen, We are Sparta, shoulder charge, disco pimps, Straight arm, samurai’s, chip and chase and Vikings.

Yup it’s all there and a whole lot more, winning on so many levels, it’s actually amazeballs.

Just make’s me wan’t to go to HK7’s even more now.

Great work by JWT London.

HSBC winning.