Hope you all had a great St Paddy’s on Saturday and didn’t suffer to badly on Sunday. Except for those guys who went riot in London on Saturday you guy’s deserved ever bit of a hangover in a prison cell. Not the real London of course, London Ontario in Canada. See here for more info.

Our St Paddy’s is celebrated in a more festive manner, don’t get me wrong we still manage to get a little crazy but we tend to keep it more civilised and proper with a few Guinness’s and maybe a few shots, lots of green things, a crazy oversized pint hat and always a visit to the kebab shop between midnight and 3am.

Apologies for being a little late on this one however I do have a valid excuse as you see I’m part Irish (I like to believe) and therefore I celebrate St Paddy’s for a whole week.  So without any further delay here is the latest cute little piece for Guinness from AMV BBDO.


My only criticism is that it’s a tad too long and a touch too British for me but then again I’m only part Irish so I can’t complain. Throughout the clip I was sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for Fenton to make a magical appearance and mess up the whole drill, now that would have put the shamrock on the head.

Still would love to see this in a 60’’ spot.