Last week we posted about the first man to fly like a bird, and I’m sad to say that this was a hoax. All for a documentary in tricking the internet whilst creating trends, fair we have to give it to the guy as he achieved what he set out to do. You can see the whole write up about it here, cause I’m still to disappointed to go into detail.

Then this little beaut popped into my inbox thanks to J-son and it made me feel a little better as man is still challenging the impossible. Especially as they take on the rules of gravity. What do you get when you add x1 Man + Wingsuit + Canyon + Mini Cooper Countryman =



Beats the hell out of roof surfing, I’m super keen to actually try this out.

Still I bet there is some CGI taking place.

Does anyone know who the agency is?

Hopefully that makes up for sharing a fake vid.

Cheers Jason