Being given a story board that has only one take is any directors’ dream come true. The amount of difficulties in mastering a single take shot, add up to nothing short of a mountain full of technical problems and complete pure patience. In order to get everything just right to ensure that it’s flowing freely and in perfect sequence requires a little sprinkle of fairy dust and pure lady luck. When it does pull off however the final outcome will always be worth it, you all remember the Honda Cog ad, click here if you don’t and don’t come back. That spot took only 4.5 months and a little more than 606 takes through pure trial and error, to complete just a single take. All of that for a perfect 2 minutes of film.

Now imagine the difficulties when there are more factors involved such as a cast of about 30, singing, freaking chickens, rotating angles, explosions and that’s only 26’’ in. So have a little look at this and imagine the difficulties in getting this shot just right and if that’s not enough they use the track, Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride. Cheeky and witty now that’s gold.


Huge respect for Colenso BBDO New Zealand and director Nathan Price for this little master piece, we like.