Heineken, the switch

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There is no secret that Henieken, is one of my all time favorite brands, I basically try and live by it’s code. Right through from it’s sophisticated fun communications through to the end product benefits, really what’s there not to like. Personally I’m the type of guy who can drink any beer given the situation however, whenever I see that red star flushed against the green bottle my lips instantly get just that little bit more excited. It’s simular to the difference of dating a stripper to that of Victoria Secret model both do the job in more ways than one, however you would only introduce one of them to your mother. Your father however will be there giving you the double tap high five and all of a sudden make weekly unannounced visits to your bachelor pad.

We have all been in this situation sometime or another in our lives.  Where a few good mates and yourself are coming to the end of the night yet still looking to throw a few back thereby looking for any suitable watering hole that’s still open. With no local knowledge you stumble across a the only dodgy bar that you happen to find at ridiculous O’Clock and even though you wouldn’t normally dare step foot in it, it’s late your boys have covered the whole damn town and right now your tongue feels like Gandhi’s flip-flop, you really need that beer. And anyway’s it’s 4 guys so what could go wrong? The rest they say is history, think of the Hangover (the film not the day after you fool) and we all know it’s those nights that end up being the magical nights that are remembered and the story is told for centuries to come. If you have never had a night like this then it’s time you switched to Heineken beer and upped your game mate. Just saying.

Booze has that effect we all know it, so big round of applause for the Dutch Agency TBWA Neboko for the creation of this sweet little spot, for their local market. Taking over from the prestigious Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, personally I feel they have done a pretty damn fine job in keeping the Heineken image flowing pure. Apparently there was no CGI involved in shooting this, making this all live film, brave very brave.

Keep up the great work guys!

Open our worlds.


Nike focuses on Girl Power

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English: Swoosh Español: Swoosh

English: Swoosh Español: Swoosh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Every now and again the swoosh pulls out something fantastic, Wieden & Kennedy have the ability to touch you where no one else can. Wait that doesn’t sound right in this context, but you know what I mean. That feeling of power that tingly feeling that gives you that little extra piece of omph to get you super amped to take on the world.  Even I was super influenced by this amazing girl power dominating spot, while I sit at my desk I have the urge to time myself doing a quick lap of the office. Gotta’ love it when an ad can have an emotional pull towards the brand.


Keep it simple kids!!!

Go Nike

Go Wieden + Kennedy

Go Ladies

Tastes like AWESOME feels: Doritos Jacked – Joyride

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Awesome little spot by Goodby Silverstein for Doritos new range Jacked with flavours like Smoky Chipotle BBQ and Enchilada Supreme.


The tagline alone is worth it to try these.

Can’t wait to grab a pack.



ESPN: Michael Jordan

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Imagine having the name of a famous celebrity or sports star, yeah you’ve already dreamed of living the life of your favourite sportsman or actor haven’t you. You would think sharing the name of someone like Michael Jordan would be a life filled with benefit’s which I’m sure it does such as making that restaurant booking so much easier, but then there is also the down side


It must suck sharing the name of Michael Jordan if you’re an ordinary middle aged white guy. Cheeky little spot for ESPN’s it’s not crazy it’s sport campaign.

You have to feel for the poor fella.

South Africa gets ready for the Loeries awards


Every year the South African ad industry turns from an vigorous mustang to a fully fledged stampede of  raging bulls, well at least the young guns do, as the more mature stallions seem to take it within their stride. The reasons behind this is for both pride and party which are two total different areas but two of the biggest when you think of any ad industry. As the 34th Annual Loeries awards entrants are opened. The quality of the South African advertising is up there amongst the best of the word, where every year a few loeries winners go on to make a name for themselves at the internationally recognised Cannes or D&AD awards and few are lucky enough to walk away with a Lion or pencil. Every year the Loeries ask local advertisers to create a campaign and this year nothing has changed.

This little skit just goes to show why there is so much excitement and hype created around the awards, with the industry’s leaders passionately explain why they are “Ad Men”.



Nice little motivational speech reminding us why we do what we do.

Good to also see the rock star @mikeschalit still dominating the scene.

Have fun at the after party peeps and good luck to all those who are submitting entries.

Audi vs Merc: Battle of ze Germans

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Recently both Mercedes and Audi launched their new brand campaigns and we loved them both so much that we will let you be the judge.


Nice little touch experience where the audience dive into an exciting and emotional journey which the brand represents to the heart of the Mercedes star.  Great work by CLM BBDO Paris.


If you never knew what Vorsprung durch Technik stood for Audi, well now you do. While they focus on what makes them so driven to find the best possible means to solve lightweight technology to produce more efficient and more powerful cars. Work done by Kempertrautmann.

Both the adverts finishing touches and production were done really well however we just feel that Merc takes this by a nose hair.

But we will let you be the judge?

Great viral for a launch: Prometheus

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If you have not heard of Prometheus yet then you ought to climb up from under that rock you are hiding under. The social webs are currently going mad over this new sci-fi film that’s due to be released on the 8th June with an incredible cast to say the least. Have a look at the trailer if you have not seen it yet.


Looks good doesn’t it? Now have a look at the little viral piece which they realised recently, this is what really impressed me.


Even though it’s been done in a few features before like I Robot and A.I. It still has that unknown force which pulls you to want to know more. Now that’s some great advertising featuring Michael Fassbender, well done to the team over at RSA Films.

Can’t wait for this to come out.

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