Nike focuses on Girl Power

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English: Swoosh Español: Swoosh

English: Swoosh Español: Swoosh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Every now and again the swoosh pulls out something fantastic, Wieden & Kennedy have the ability to touch you where no one else can. Wait that doesn’t sound right in this context, but you know what I mean. That feeling of power that tingly feeling that gives you that little extra piece of omph to get you super amped to take on the world.  Even I was super influenced by this amazing girl power dominating spot, while I sit at my desk I have the urge to time myself doing a quick lap of the office. Gotta’ love it when an ad can have an emotional pull towards the brand.


Keep it simple kids!!!

Go Nike

Go Wieden + Kennedy

Go Ladies


Danny Cipriani loses a bet

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I have to admit I’ve never been a huge fan of Danny Boi for both his on and off field actions and mostly because he dated hotty Kelly Brook but this is simply classic and proves that the man does have skills and is honoured to his word. Two weeks ago Danny lost a bet and as most rugby boys normally bet on something like drinking beer or doing something embarrassing rather than parting with their hard earned cash. Danny was subdued to do a Dougie. Don’t know what a Dougie is well then watch this:


How funny is that and I have to admit the boy does have skills.


All together now ladies, go Ahhh…

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Here is a clip of me when I was 2 years old.


Ok maybe it’s not me.

This little legends name is William Stokkebroe. Showing what he’s got and what he’s learned after watching his parents Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe and the dancers of studie43 practising.

Imagine the possibilities of taking this little champ out with you.

Can you say, FUN. Bags, Of fun.


One for the ladies: Cupcake ATM

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Stolen off the Huffingtonpost.


One for the ladies: L’Odyssée de Cartier


For the very first time, Cartier has decided to create a cinema epic focusing on its history, its values and inspiration, its artistic and universal scope. Only the best of production could be used to pull this little number off and did they do a fantastic job.

Presenting the new Cartier film, a journey between dream and reality.


Lovely work by Publicis satellite Marcel


How to turn shit into sex: Literally

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Yeah yeah yeah we have all heard the puns that surround the plumbing’ profession like “Plumbers live a flush life”; “We repair what your husband fixed”; “Don’t sleep with a drip call your plumber “; “Your shit is our bread and butter”; “If it’s tight it’s right”, I could go on like this all day. But let’s be honest 99% of those are just for shit and giggles (did you see what I did there) and their day to day job is basically around the management of clearing you’re excrete, lovely.

So how does a drainage product positively influence and grabs the the household decision maker attention, which is the naturally the woman of the household. Well DDB San Fran did and they literally turn shit into sex, naturally because women think about sex 99.9% of the day with two men, don’t lie ladies us men all know you do there’s no need to blush.

It’s a fact sex sells, it’s been confirmed by science and science doesn’t lie, true story, FULL STOP.


Drop in two hunky tall, dark and handsome men. Cue some inappropriate 60’s elevator music then insert a seductive Barry White like voice over to a humours yet cleaver sexual punning script and there my friends you have a innuendo winner, in selling Liquid Plumr drain cleaner.

Let’s see how many ladies out there actually got the core product benefit message?

I’m here to snake your drain!


The Oreo’s Biscuit whisper: one for the ladies

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Charmingly cute spot for Oreo UK which we wouldn’t dare hide from you ladies.  Featuring the little diva Pixie Davies as the talent and directed by the talented Bruno Chiches.


All together now ladies – Awwwwww

How many fathers out there know exactly how this poor fella feels. It’s little intimate moments with loved one’s like this that make life that much more rewarding. OK enough of the soft cuddly munchkin stuff and back to reality it’s time to go chase some trains and tackle that damn bus.

Well done Oreo’s and Draft FCB you nailed it on the head..