Nandos vs Santam: are you kidding me

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This time last week I posted about South Africa is getting ready for their annual ad awards the Loeries, well it looks like the agencies are trying to push themselves to be in-front of the judging panels. Recently the fast food retail chain spoofed the Santam’s TVC. Firstly let’s be fair this is exactly the kind of behaviour you would expect from Nando’s and Black River FC, Nando’s wicked agency. But then why is a fast food chain taking on a financial services company? Do they have  something against Sir Ben Kingsley or maybe in the past Santam was the bank for Nandos and lost them quite a lot of money of the FTSE, just saying. Well you never know but lets just be safe cause that’s how rumours are started, so please don’t listen to me.

For those who don’t follow South African advertising shame on you because you are missing out on some symbolic radvertising, but I’ll forgive you this time and just because I’m a really really nice guy, I’ve been holding out waiting for Nandos second response before post this because I care about you.

Any how this little gun fight is just far to good to miss out on.

The first symbolic ad by Santam:


Then in the traditional Nandos style they got naughty by spoofing the iconic ad.


Cheeky very cheeky, but then Santam hit back by dropping the gauntlet with this little number.


We love it not only does Santam get cleaver and witty but they also open their hearts to help those in need but seems no one can keep Nandos quite as they were not finished yet.


Now that’s what you call giving the bird, how’s that for a great advertising sparring?

Nandos did accept the challenge and they even delivered a day early and then they went a step further, proving they are not chicken. Hold on that can’t be right I thought they were chicken. Ok lets just call them Portuguese chicken, happy?

They delivered the entire order to Johannesburg Children’s Home on Wednesday and not only that but they are going to continue to do so once every month for a year. Touché Nandos, gotta love a man when he admits his loss but is this really a loss?

What would clients pay these days to achieve one of the best  symbolic moving advertising campaign of the year, where the free media and viral WOM out ranks that spent at least 5 fold.

Quentin Cronje, marketing director for Nando’s, told Radio 702′s Bruce Whitfield: it was “nice” to have fun with other brands.

Great stuff by King James and Black River FC, hats off to the teams who worked on this.

Thanks to Pharside and Source from 2 Oceans Vibe


The worlds most downloaded Man

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This is for all those who siphon through stock libraries looking for the perfect image and battle with royalty fees.


Danny Cipriani loses a bet

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I have to admit I’ve never been a huge fan of Danny Boi for both his on and off field actions and mostly because he dated hotty Kelly Brook but this is simply classic and proves that the man does have skills and is honoured to his word. Two weeks ago Danny lost a bet and as most rugby boys normally bet on something like drinking beer or doing something embarrassing rather than parting with their hard earned cash. Danny was subdued to do a Dougie. Don’t know what a Dougie is well then watch this:


How funny is that and I have to admit the boy does have skills.


Tic tac: gets rude

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Everyone has a fear of finding out that they have a bad breath, it’s like those good people who kindly tell you from the bottom of their hearts that you have a booger dangling from your nose and that’s just after you left the conversation whilst trying to chat up that really attractive brunette at the bar. You know that feeling right well that’s exactly what Ogilvy Paris did for Tic tac refreshing mints in Rouen France. By creating one of the cruellest yet funniest  practical joke I have ever seen, bet I wouldn’t think it was funny if it happened to me though.


Seriously I’m never going to give directions to anyone ever again. If you’re lost and wonder why no one will give you directions now you know why and you can blame Ogilvy and tic tac for that.  Love that they took the stunt to the next over the top level whilst turning the more traditional flash mob upside down, from targeting the plurals into singular.  However I’m still struggling to figure out if the actual targets were also involved in the stunt.

In the end does it matter? It still makes a great experiential TV ad.

Good luck for you, the next time you’re lost.

Great work Ogilvy and Tic tac, touché’

All together now ladies, go Ahhh…

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Here is a clip of me when I was 2 years old.


Ok maybe it’s not me.

This little legends name is William Stokkebroe. Showing what he’s got and what he’s learned after watching his parents Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe and the dancers of studie43 practising.

Imagine the possibilities of taking this little champ out with you.

Can you say, FUN. Bags, Of fun.


Guinness: Round up your mates on St Patrick’s day

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Hope you all had a great St Paddy’s on Saturday and didn’t suffer to badly on Sunday. Except for those guys who went riot in London on Saturday you guy’s deserved ever bit of a hangover in a prison cell. Not the real London of course, London Ontario in Canada. See here for more info.

Our St Paddy’s is celebrated in a more festive manner, don’t get me wrong we still manage to get a little crazy but we tend to keep it more civilised and proper with a few Guinness’s and maybe a few shots, lots of green things, a crazy oversized pint hat and always a visit to the kebab shop between midnight and 3am.

Apologies for being a little late on this one however I do have a valid excuse as you see I’m part Irish (I like to believe) and therefore I celebrate St Paddy’s for a whole week.  So without any further delay here is the latest cute little piece for Guinness from AMV BBDO.


My only criticism is that it’s a tad too long and a touch too British for me but then again I’m only part Irish so I can’t complain. Throughout the clip I was sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for Fenton to make a magical appearance and mess up the whole drill, now that would have put the shamrock on the head.

Still would love to see this in a 60’’ spot.

Look familiar?

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Happy Friday!

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