Nike focuses on Girl Power

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English: Swoosh Español: Swoosh

English: Swoosh Español: Swoosh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Every now and again the swoosh pulls out something fantastic, Wieden & Kennedy have the ability to touch you where no one else can. Wait that doesn’t sound right in this context, but you know what I mean. That feeling of power that tingly feeling that gives you that little extra piece of omph to get you super amped to take on the world.  Even I was super influenced by this amazing girl power dominating spot, while I sit at my desk I have the urge to time myself doing a quick lap of the office. Gotta’ love it when an ad can have an emotional pull towards the brand.


Keep it simple kids!!!

Go Nike

Go Wieden + Kennedy

Go Ladies


Monday Madness: Brain Farm’s show reel

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Wake up people, it’s Monday. There is a world out there to take and call it your own. Now I’ve seen my fair share of show reel’s in my day some great and some good just to laugh at however the 2012 show reel for Brain Farm’s Digital Cinema is simply, Mind BOOM-Blowing. It’s that good that it need’s the sound effect, true story.


How good was that, these guys have done work for almost every cool brand on this planet and it’s no wonder why. Now that’s a show reel but what is a show reel without Awolnation’s Sail? Don’t worry they have done one of those as well.



ESPN: Michael Jordan

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Imagine having the name of a famous celebrity or sports star, yeah you’ve already dreamed of living the life of your favourite sportsman or actor haven’t you. You would think sharing the name of someone like Michael Jordan would be a life filled with benefit’s which I’m sure it does such as making that restaurant booking so much easier, but then there is also the down side


It must suck sharing the name of Michael Jordan if you’re an ordinary middle aged white guy. Cheeky little spot for ESPN’s it’s not crazy it’s sport campaign.

You have to feel for the poor fella.


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Enough said.

It’s official, Martin Kaymer is Winning

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You’re not going to believe if I told you, what happened during Martin Kaymer‘s Monday practice round on the 16th at Augusta ahead of this weeks Masters. So I’ll show you.


I knew they called him the dam buster but that’s just ridiculously insane.

Now please don’t go and try practice this at your local club.

Don’t worry I was thinking the same thing.

David Beckham does Burger King

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What is this world turning to. Just as I thought we were all winning, this pops up.

First Heineken takes over from the “shaken not stirred” Martini as 007’s drink of choice, according to Ad Age and then David Beckham abandons England for his new foster country U.S.A (hey I hear it’s warmer there)  and now he goes and does this.


What is happening people, please pull yourselves together.

This is not on, not in a million years and that sounds about the right amount of time or money it’s going to take him to rebuild his rep on the Queens’ Island.  Even if they Burger King paid him a hefty lump sum, did he really think it was worth it? Come on Becks you’re better than that man.

Does anyone know the agency responsible for this?

Keith Apicary is also Winning

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This day is just full of winning.


Love that.

Thanks Jason

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