I’ve missed you

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Sorry that I have not been paying you attention my loves but I’ve been really busy recently. I promise that I have not been cheating on you and I will make it up to you. Well actually I won’t but what can you do about it. Ha


Tic tac: gets rude

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Everyone has a fear of finding out that they have a bad breath, it’s like those good people who kindly tell you from the bottom of their hearts that you have a booger dangling from your nose and that’s just after you left the conversation whilst trying to chat up that really attractive brunette at the bar. You know that feeling right well that’s exactly what Ogilvy Paris did for Tic tac refreshing mints in Rouen France. By creating one of the cruellest yet funniest  practical joke I have ever seen, bet I wouldn’t think it was funny if it happened to me though.


Seriously I’m never going to give directions to anyone ever again. If you’re lost and wonder why no one will give you directions now you know why and you can blame Ogilvy and tic tac for that.  Love that they took the stunt to the next over the top level whilst turning the more traditional flash mob upside down, from targeting the plurals into singular.  However I’m still struggling to figure out if the actual targets were also involved in the stunt.

In the end does it matter? It still makes a great experiential TV ad.

Good luck for you, the next time you’re lost.

Great work Ogilvy and Tic tac, touché’

David Beckham does Burger King

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What is this world turning to. Just as I thought we were all winning, this pops up.

First Heineken takes over from the “shaken not stirred” Martini as 007’s drink of choice, according to Ad Age and then David Beckham abandons England for his new foster country U.S.A (hey I hear it’s warmer there)  and now he goes and does this.


What is happening people, please pull yourselves together.

This is not on, not in a million years and that sounds about the right amount of time or money it’s going to take him to rebuild his rep on the Queens’ Island.  Even if they Burger King paid him a hefty lump sum, did he really think it was worth it? Come on Becks you’re better than that man.

Does anyone know the agency responsible for this?

The Shit Kids Say

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Bet you didn’t expect that.

Great little piece of shockvertising riding on the current web trend  “what” people say. Resulting to a powerful spot for the children’s protection charity, NSPCC.

Well done Inferno.

A must watch for ad peeps: Lee Clow speaks the truth and nothing but the truth

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Ad legend Lee Clow aka the bearded man recently exposed his thought on agencies compensation. Mr Clow is known as the art director guru of the industry, while he currently holds the position of Chairman and the Global Director for TBWA Worldwide. He is most known for his work on branding the technology giant Apple, yes that’s right he’s the main man and all creatives’ should be bowing down to him, after all he did help create the brand they love. He is basically the silent father of the Apple brand that we know of today. As it was his ad campaign, 1984 which launched Apple Mac’s success, click here to see the masterpiece. He is also done work such as the Energizer Bunny and Taco Bell’s Chihuahua. You could basically say that he is responsible for assisting with pushing the ad industry’s’ benchmark for creativity as we know of it is today, so yeah he’s kinda’ a big deal. Then it gets even better, because he sports a killer beard making him officially the Big Daddy, Fact.

Recently the bearded man spoke out to the public sharing words of wisdom which is directed to the industry and the client. On a topic which most shy away from and let’ be honest he has some big ones for finally someone speaks the truth.


I couldn’t agree more with the Big Daddy’O, for too long have agencies cut their fee’s to please and keep clients work. We sell creative ideas, it’s a little piece of ourselves just like that of musicians and actors yet they reap the rewards far greater than the creative ad man, if you forget about all the grey matter it’s true. Yet clients have a tendency to wave a little wand or stick in front of our noses to ensure that we know our place. Understandably there will always be a smaller dog that is willing to pick up the scraps and let them be, as everyone needs to make a living. The issue is when the bigger agencies under price themselves to win new work hoping to one day slowly push the price up according to the relationship they have built. Have you ever heard of giving someone a hand and they take the whole arm, think about it big corporations didn’t get where they are today by being generous (fair there is actually a few out there) but most of them have become successful for being like Jews and counting the pennies.

In today’s environment it’s sad to say that the creative mind is rapidly becoming extinct, not because of lack of talent but rather because of the ever growing pressures given from client. As Mr Clow mentions “we get paid like we are doing our client’s laundry” and that the harsh truth, the advertising, branding, the slogans etc. that the agency creates does determine the success or failure for the client and they know it but those in the industry do little about it. As Clow says “the ideas’, could be listed on the balance sheet of our clients as an asset worth millions and millions of value, but of course we get no return on that contribution. Instead we get a fee.” A minute price for the clients value earned, imagine if agencies could charge a percentage of brand worth from the start of the campaign until a set number of years. The Media, Models and photographers do so why doesn’t the agency?

There are many factors involved for this and there is no point going right into detail, that’s a story for another day and because if you look at it holistically you could say that everyone is to be blamed, even myself.  These topics are thankfully currently being discussed by the 4A’s by the industry leaders and for the time being the only viable solution is if all agencies stick together without playing cat and mouse, getting back to basics and doing the job that we love.

You my friend will be the first to know once I find out more.

To be continued.

India want’s you

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India wants you

Yes, I know Uncle Sam is not an Indian

This is undoubtedly the funniest thing I have seen in a while and it’s taken me about 22 whole minutes to stop laughing at this in order to post it. The same exact number of people that the Indian Rugby Federation is looking for to sport a full international RUGBY team. Seriously no jokes, I’m still trying to figure out if this is a prank from one of my mates but the email addy looks totally legit.

This is the email I recently received:

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

Rugby India is looking to contact all Indian Origin Rugby players with the opportunity to gain an International Test Cap.

As per IRB rules, a player with one parent or grand-parent born in India is eligible to represent the country.

Would really appreciate it, if you would inform us of any player you might have in your database and/or if you could pass on this message to any relevant player/team/club/union that may be in a position to help us. Thanking You.


Rugby India


Now I don’t know what’s funnier the fact that they contacted me or that India is looking to sport a rugby team, it’s just not cricket, FACT. Now I’m no raciest and the Indian cricket team is a brilliant team and they currently lie third in the world but that’s where they should stop and focus their attention. It’s almost as bad as Americans trying to play cricket or Australians playing fair. Only jokes Aussies you guys play fair all the time, just not in Rugby/Cricket/ Football/Netball/ Hockey or just about any other team sport.

On a more serious matter if you do know of anyone eligible and who would actually like to play international rugby even if it is for India, then please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Promise I won’t laugh at them.

Hey at the end of the day the guys are just trying to improve their rugby game so big ups to them for doing something about it.

INVISIBLE CHILDREN: The Kony 2012 project

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If you have 30 min’s spare, watch this please.


Wow coming from Africa I have heard of the Uganda children warriors but never realised that it still continued or didn’t realise that little me could do anything about it. Well now I can and you can join in as well and put a stop to this once and for all. My only concern is that this project code named Kony 2012 will take longer than one year as the destruction which has been left behind will take years to heal while some things/ people may never be the same again. However with a world voice anything is possible and I’m fully behind this cause and what these guys are doing cause there is a actionable solution in the end. Big Up’s to Jason Russell and his team.

Act now by clicking on one of the links below:

and make a difference with numbers.


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