South Africa gets ready for the Loeries awards


Every year the South African ad industry turns from an vigorous mustang to a fully fledged stampede of  raging bulls, well at least the young guns do, as the more mature stallions seem to take it within their stride. The reasons behind this is for both pride and party which are two total different areas but two of the biggest when you think of any ad industry. As the 34th Annual Loeries awards entrants are opened. The quality of the South African advertising is up there amongst the best of the word, where every year a few loeries winners go on to make a name for themselves at the internationally recognised Cannes or D&AD awards and few are lucky enough to walk away with a Lion or pencil. Every year the Loeries ask local advertisers to create a campaign and this year nothing has changed.

This little skit just goes to show why there is so much excitement and hype created around the awards, with the industry’s leaders passionately explain why they are “Ad Men”.



Nice little motivational speech reminding us why we do what we do.

Good to also see the rock star @mikeschalit still dominating the scene.

Have fun at the after party peeps and good luck to all those who are submitting entries.


Wacky Wednesday: Naked Ambition

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The Saatchi’s has been making some moves recently. Here is their latest piece of work by the London agency “Showcase” Call for entries for the 59th Cannes festival. This little backwards beaut was directed by non other than Chris Palmer, looks like Saatchi’s putting their money where their mouth is. The little skit features an adult movie director whose ambition is to make advertising commercials.  Which is pretty much contradicting the industry whereby most Art Directors inspire to be successful Film Directors, funny that anyway’s you have to start somewhere, just saying.

Have a look to see how many iconic advertising references, techniques and slogans can you find in the below skit.


Ever year for the past 12 years  Saatchi’s New Directors showcase has been a highlight at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Which is apparently “the best attended even after the award ceremonies” acording to Saatchi & Saatchi. However I have to say the after party must come in a close second. Still it’s a great way to attract, identify and nurture new creative talent from around the world.