Monday Madness: Charlie Sheen is reborn


Have you ever heard such bollocks in your life before? Surely the man Charlie Sheen, predominantly known for winning and basically single handily ruining his career on numerous occasions. Is due to make a comeback surely it’s an impossible feat let alone totally mind blowing to even try to attempt a comeback from all the negative publicity he received just last year. Yes I agree he did have to stoop down to commercial level but then again why the hell effing not? He is Charlie Sheen after all and he always does what he want’s with minimal respect to the ordinary norm’s in today’s society and simple general laws, he would part the sea’s and name himself Moses if it were humanly possible so if anyone can make a comeback it’s Charlie Sheen. Because no matter how hard you can try he will find you, simply because he’s Charlie Sheen and he is winning.

Being known for pure enjoyment for a good time, over indulging with booze; beautiful women by the handful and constantly being intoxicated with various illegal narcotics. Charlie Sheen has basically done it all, he has been in rehab so many times that they have even given him an honorary lifetime loyalty membership card which is virtually impossible to achieve as most candidates usually overdose and die, before being awarded into the exclusive club.  If you don’t realise this membership package has boundless benefits, not only is he able to attend any sharing meetings that he wishes including the sex addicts classes but more importantly also it gives him the ability to hear writers and directors ideas way before anyone else in the industry. However the key advantage of this is the ability to form close and loyal relationships with various people high within the film industry and everyone know’s what the benefits of knowing people can result to. Not only that it is after all, a well-known fact that rehab is one of the best excuses for a simple PR stint for jump starting anyone’s career, just look at Lohan, Baldwin, David Bowie, Gerard Butler, Demi Moore and Seann William Scott careers for example. Which have all been influenced either positively or negatively by visiting rehab some way or another. Sure it’s a gamble it’s like rolling the dice with their careers and sometimes with their lives like Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears, rest their souls and no one like’s negative publicity but sometimes and only sometimes negative publicity does have its positives none the less. Now I’m not saying drugs are good in fact I’m a huge fan of giving hugs and not drugs and I’m definitely not a tree hugger. It’s simply just the lifestyle in which high end celebrities live where they are suffer from copious amounts of pure pressure, let alone stress and free time and don’t forget shit loads of money. I feel sorry for them because it’s bound to catch them sooner or later and it would happen to even the best of us. And I say BIG up’s to those who have the balls to stand up and challenge their addictions and none is better at that than the man Sheen.

Ok back on topic Charlie Sheen has recently appeared in an various campaigns including the Fiat Abrath which we posted here as well guest starring in a spot for DirectTV:


Did you enjoy that?

And now he stars in a Dutch ad campaign for a Bavaria beer campaign, don’t worry people it’s an alcohol free beer but this last ad is by far my favourite out of the three.  Ok maybe it doesn’t beat role playing some scenes from Platoon with Sheen while being totally sauced, which personally I think would kick the arse out of eating a kebab at 3am.  This last campaign almost gives Sheen a good boy rep away from all the sex, drugs and booze personification and let alone because the strategy and this creative is perfectly spot on.


What a cheekily honest way to advertise 0.0% alcohol free beer, great work by the local agency Selmore and even better work by the man Charlie Sheen for being the first person for making our Monday Madness category twice as well as for his latest comeback. He is truly winning, watch out world Charlie Sheen is coming back.



Men now have a reason to love Easter: in Brazil

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Easter eggs made with beer and boobs, what’s not to love.

Looks like an Easter holiday in Brazil is in order.  Damn they have everything why don’t we just move there.

Great work F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, now that’s thinking out the box.


Guinness: Round up your mates on St Patrick’s day

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Hope you all had a great St Paddy’s on Saturday and didn’t suffer to badly on Sunday. Except for those guys who went riot in London on Saturday you guy’s deserved ever bit of a hangover in a prison cell. Not the real London of course, London Ontario in Canada. See here for more info.

Our St Paddy’s is celebrated in a more festive manner, don’t get me wrong we still manage to get a little crazy but we tend to keep it more civilised and proper with a few Guinness’s and maybe a few shots, lots of green things, a crazy oversized pint hat and always a visit to the kebab shop between midnight and 3am.

Apologies for being a little late on this one however I do have a valid excuse as you see I’m part Irish (I like to believe) and therefore I celebrate St Paddy’s for a whole week.  So without any further delay here is the latest cute little piece for Guinness from AMV BBDO.


My only criticism is that it’s a tad too long and a touch too British for me but then again I’m only part Irish so I can’t complain. Throughout the clip I was sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for Fenton to make a magical appearance and mess up the whole drill, now that would have put the shamrock on the head.

Still would love to see this in a 60’’ spot.

If you see this guy, give him a high 5 and a beer!

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He deserves it after fighting BRAIN CANCER at the tender age of 24, the man has more heart and balls than most men and I raise my glass to him with the utmost huge respect.

I have been fortunate enough to have met Brand in the past, a few times mostly whilst out on the piss as one does and met his loving family through mutual friends along the way. Then one day via the grapevine I hear some shocking news with regards to Brad’s situation. Now if you have never met Brad then I can tell you he is one witty full of life, mischievously fun, little shit (he is smaller than me so I can say that) but what I didn’t know is actually how brave and strong this “little shit” really is. Wait does that make him bigger and more manlier than me, hmmm? Back to the topic, anyway so when I heard this news it really did come at a shock, the dude is 24 and the last time I saw him he was living life to the fullest whilst chasing thee’ dream, like any young chap his age would he was charging large.

So for just under 2 month’s I have been captivated whilst reading Brad’s blog, see here. If you have some time, I would highly recommend you to start from the very first post and read his exceptional journey. Where it sounds like he has found the true meaning of life though his endeavours.  Where most men live their entire lives without finding, here is Brad conquering the big C with a big F U.

To me Brand is a hero and rightly deservingly so.

So if you see Brad, throw him a HIGH FIVE and buy the man a beer.

Or any man/lady with a shaved head for that matter – excluding those guys that sit down at that pub on Sunday’s covered with tattoos and wearing leathers, those guys don’t need any more beer.

Guy’s if you know anyone fighting the C please share Brad’s blog as he is an inspiration amongst fighters.


Big Up’s Brad..