Tastes like AWESOME feels: Doritos Jacked – Joyride

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Awesome little spot by Goodby Silverstein for Doritos new range Jacked with flavours like Smoky Chipotle BBQ and Enchilada Supreme.


The tagline alone is worth it to try these.

Can’t wait to grab a pack.




Tic tac: gets rude

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Everyone has a fear of finding out that they have a bad breath, it’s like those good people who kindly tell you from the bottom of their hearts that you have a booger dangling from your nose and that’s just after you left the conversation whilst trying to chat up that really attractive brunette at the bar. You know that feeling right well that’s exactly what Ogilvy Paris did for Tic tac refreshing mints in Rouen France. By creating one of the cruellest yet funniest  practical joke I have ever seen, bet I wouldn’t think it was funny if it happened to me though.


Seriously I’m never going to give directions to anyone ever again. If you’re lost and wonder why no one will give you directions now you know why and you can blame Ogilvy and tic tac for that.  Love that they took the stunt to the next over the top level whilst turning the more traditional flash mob upside down, from targeting the plurals into singular.  However I’m still struggling to figure out if the actual targets were also involved in the stunt.

In the end does it matter? It still makes a great experiential TV ad.

Good luck for you, the next time you’re lost.

Great work Ogilvy and Tic tac, touché’

TNT: Know’s drama and how to correctly do experiential

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This is currently doing the rounds on the social webs and there is no wonder why. It’s absolutely amazing, everything about it sweats brilliance and passion. Great piece of experiential work for the American based TNT channel which is now available in Spain, Germany and Turkey with more European countries in the pipeline. This little stint was for the launch the channel in Belgium. Where residents of a small average Flemish square of an average Flemish town were invited to push a giant red button change with the sign “Push to add Drama”, well I’ll let you find out what unravels next.


That’s one way to bring excitement into a little town square. However, there’s always a however personally I feel that this is more suitable for the Action channel rather than “Drama”. Everyone to their own and no matter what it’s still a great concept full of excitement and legs.

Doe’s anyone know who the brains behind this is?


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Enough said.

David Beckham does Burger King

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What is this world turning to. Just as I thought we were all winning, this pops up.

First Heineken takes over from the “shaken not stirred” Martini as 007’s drink of choice, according to Ad Age and then David Beckham abandons England for his new foster country U.S.A (hey I hear it’s warmer there)  and now he goes and does this.


What is happening people, please pull yourselves together.

This is not on, not in a million years and that sounds about the right amount of time or money it’s going to take him to rebuild his rep on the Queens’ Island.  Even if they Burger King paid him a hefty lump sum, did he really think it was worth it? Come on Becks you’re better than that man.

Does anyone know the agency responsible for this?

Wacky Wednesday: Excited Caddy

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Paul Casey had some fun with his caddie during the Final round on the 15th hole par 3 at TPC Blue Monster – Doral promising his caddie that he could have the prize if he shoots the hole-in-one. If you don’t follow golf, most tournaments offer a prize if you achieve a hole-in-one most of the times it’s a car and this time the prize was a Cadillac. Next thing the unthinkable happens and the Casey using an 8 iron drops it into the hole prompting his caddie Craig Connelly (aka Wee Man) to go hyper excited, wouldn’t you?

There is however one tiny little hiccup.


The 15th hole wasn’t the prize winning hole, sadly it was on display for the 13th.

But how funny was that dropped lip, when Wee Man finds out the sad news from the officials and to make matters worse Casey turns around to rub it in even more. Well boys will be boys.

Shame you have to forgive Wee Man’s excitement as it was Casey’s first start since his injury from a snowboarding incident last year.

Wee Man joked at the end of day saying “I never enjoyed not winning a car so much”


Monday Madness: wake up with Charlie Sheen

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I was literally in shock when I woke up to find the bad boy Charlie Sheen, doing a commercial for the latest FIAT 500 Abarth campaign called House Arrest.


Yes you get the idea the apple does’t fall far from the tree following all the hype surrounded with Charlie Sheen. Portraying a bad boy image is one thing and then taking it to the next level with hiring Charlie Sheen as the talent is surely winning. Maybe it is just too easy and maybe it’s just last year, personally I just can’t see Mr Sheen actually driving a Fiat 500 whilst trying to maintain his rep.

But that’s just me, I’ll let you decide!

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