Heineken, the switch

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There is no secret that Henieken, is one of my all time favorite brands, I basically try and live by it’s code. Right through from it’s sophisticated fun communications through to the end product benefits, really what’s there not to like. Personally I’m the type of guy who can drink any beer given the situation however, whenever I see that red star flushed against the green bottle my lips instantly get just that little bit more excited. It’s simular to the difference of dating a stripper to that of Victoria Secret model both do the job in more ways than one, however you would only introduce one of them to your mother. Your father however will be there giving you the double tap high five and all of a sudden make weekly unannounced visits to your bachelor pad.

We have all been in this situation sometime or another in our lives.  Where a few good mates and yourself are coming to the end of the night yet still looking to throw a few back thereby looking for any suitable watering hole that’s still open. With no local knowledge you stumble across a the only dodgy bar that you happen to find at ridiculous O’Clock and even though you wouldn’t normally dare step foot in it, it’s late your boys have covered the whole damn town and right now your tongue feels like Gandhi’s flip-flop, you really need that beer. And anyway’s it’s 4 guys so what could go wrong? The rest they say is history, think of the Hangover (the film not the day after you fool) and we all know it’s those nights that end up being the magical nights that are remembered and the story is told for centuries to come. If you have never had a night like this then it’s time you switched to Heineken beer and upped your game mate. Just saying.

Booze has that effect we all know it, so big round of applause for the Dutch Agency TBWA Neboko for the creation of this sweet little spot, for their local market. Taking over from the prestigious Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, personally I feel they have done a pretty damn fine job in keeping the Heineken image flowing pure. Apparently there was no CGI involved in shooting this, making this all live film, brave very brave.

Keep up the great work guys!

Open our worlds.



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Enough said.

Axe Billboard

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This is rather old and I’m sorry if you have already seen it but this only came to my attention recently.

At first glance it looks like a great piece of competitive advertising and we all like a bit of competition.


Then if you really think about it, it’s actually rather lame and really misses the boat entirely. Even if Axe is targeting the more youthful sex driven teenager lads and even though this line is slightly appealing whilst being sharp it just lacks that charm which Old Spice had and just to be certain they throw in the rankings at the bottom. Why didn’t they try and incorporate the #1 ranking as the lead message for the header copy in the first place? was someone being lazy?

Please don’t try and steal thunder unless you have a valid point and thought it through thoroughly.

Kind of what happened to Audi here, quite a long time back.

Monday Madness: Is this the reason Bear Grylls was fired?

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No it wasn’t, but it damn well should have been.

How shocking was that, he should definitely stick to the more real life man vs the wild productions, which he is king for. It looks like he is simply forcing it and can you blame him the man conquered Mt Everest at only 23 and tames wild man eating beasts, and that’s just before breakfast. Unfortunately for Mr Bear Grylls the real reason for him being axed is due to more contractual disagreements with the Discovery Channel, which I wont go into detail.

The main man will definitely be missed but only if he does not show up in my ad breaks like this again.

I still can’t believe  Unilever actually made a series of these.

Doubt anyone would put there hands up, but does anyone know the agency responsible for these?


Go Run Mr. Quiggly: Skechers super bowl ad

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If you have not seen this yet then it’s time to find yourself a bigger rock to climb under. Chicks dig French Bulldogs, dudes like dog racing, add in some MJ and you have an instant winner.


Also this little pooch is also the replacement Skechers brand ambassador for Kim Kardashian, another win. Need I say more?

I’ll bet we will see more of Mr. Quiggly very soon.

Run Mr. Quiggly run…