David Beckham does Burger King

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What is this world turning to. Just as I thought we were all winning, this pops up.

First Heineken takes over from the “shaken not stirred” Martini as 007’s drink of choice, according to Ad Age and then David Beckham abandons England for his new foster country U.S.A (hey I hear it’s warmer there)  and now he goes and does this.


What is happening people, please pull yourselves together.

This is not on, not in a million years and that sounds about the right amount of time or money it’s going to take him to rebuild his rep on the Queens’ Island.  Even if they Burger King paid him a hefty lump sum, did he really think it was worth it? Come on Becks you’re better than that man.

Does anyone know the agency responsible for this?


What Britain Loves: T-Mobile

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Thought we would start off with something light and humorous just because it’s awesome and because we can. Here is the latest campaign from T-Mobile, what Britain loves and we love this. Basically because we love anything that features Fenton, which seems be going viral madly lately. Even making an impression on Jeremy Clarkson in last night’s Top Gear, see here and here for the original Fenton the dog.


Great advertising from Sattchi & Saatchi for launching the new Full Monty phone contract package.