Come on ladies be honest now, how many of you ran from the kitchen screaming Weeeeeed’s when you heard this tune?  Only to find the latest advertisement for O2, on your telly. Alright if you have not seen the ad yet, then be honest and tell me you wouldn’t have done the same. The question is, is this by coincidence or is this just another mind trick played by the advertisers? I’ll let you be the judge.


At the end of the day I quite like the Think Big campaign bought to you by VCCP  the strategy is sound and I like how they have honed on the “technology is changing” trend, even though it’s almost a decade late and been done like um a few hundred times over. That aside this interpretation is actually rather refreshing and it’s also always moving when corporates involve and help local communities. So I can relate to why both agency and client pursued with the campaign, even with all the rift raff that must have gone on during the conceptualisation stage.

However there is one issue, you know there’s always one.

The track, personally I feel that this shouldn’t have been presented let alone gone live. Don’t get me wrong the lyrics is perfectly on cue for communicating the overarching message as well as the fact that it’s super cute and damn catchy and I’ll be blaming you when I’m still humming it for the next few weeks. Damn you.

Then there’s the connotation with the actual series Weeds, I don’t think any corporate giant would want to be associated with a TV series that is named after and is all about the green stuff. Was this just a simple mistake or did they do this on purpose, only O2 and VCCP will know. Finally when your company is reliant on selling long term contracts and the likes for a profit, please please refrain from using words like trapped/ tricked/ box’s = boxed in. Yes maybe that may be a little apprehensive and farfetched but you know how people are especially when there’s irony involved.

There is one another point about telecoms advertising but let’s save that discussion for another day shall we.

What do you say?