Imagine with Lego

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Every lad played with this toy when he was a child, if you didn’t then your unique well done. I myself had hours of fun building random things or forts which would be bashed down while He-man and army men protect the fort from MY sisters (have to put that in) Barbie Ken. Lego was just part of growing up; it fuelled our imagination inspiring us to push the boundaries’, something which we sadly overstep in our more ‘mature’ lives.  Some men I know still have their old lego kits and are not ashamed of it. To be honest I actually miss my lego and train set.

Moving swiftly on, recently a German ad agency Jung von Matt created this charming print campaign to advertise the world favourite toy blocks. The ads feature minimalist interpretations of some of our best-loved cartoon characters that are all created out of blocks of Lego.

Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix

Southparks' Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


The Simpson's


Powerful use of imagination.

Love it!!


First man to fly like a bird


Is it a bird is it a plane no it’s a crazy Dutchman, successfully taking to the skies on self-designed human powered wings.

Jarno Smeets, is a mechanical engineer who has kicked the rule of gravity right in the bollocks. Claiming to be the first man in history EVER to have made a successful short flight with home-made bird-like wings. Constructed from easily accessibly components that anybody could get their hands on, such as Nintendo Wii controllers; accelerometers from a HTC Wildfire S smartphone and Turnigy motors.

It took Smeets only eight months to complete the project after only a few test flights. Successfully leaving the ground at the Hague park on Sunday, March 18th  which lasted about a minute and travelling a distance of around100m. By using 17m² wings built out of a kite and carbon windsurfing masts assisted with some power provided by a combined mechanism to help flap the giant wings without the risk of breaking his arms.

The Human Bird Wings is an independent project initiated from Smeets’ personal ambition and vision. Saying that“Ever since I was a little boy I have been inspired by pioneers like Otto Lilienthal, Leonardo da Vinci and also my own grandfather,” says Smeets.


What? how insane is that, even though he does look a little buggered after such short stint and maybe it’s not as effective as you would like it to be but hey give the guy a round of applause imagine his excitement being the first man to fly like a bird. It’s still early days and I would imagine that improvements can be made and soon all of us attending classes down at the local gyms to get you into flying shape. Now how cool is that, I want.

Hat’s off to Smeets for an incredible achievement whilst proving the impossible possible and big up’s to him for having the balls for using himself as a test dummy. Everyone has dreams and Smeets just proved that anyone could accomplish them with pure passion and dedication.

You can follow his inspiring story of human bird wings, here.

Insanely Incredible

Cheers Jason

Dream Music – stop motion animation

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Hats off to these chaps = Marc Donahue & Sean Michael Williams


Really nicely done guys.


Keep Calm and Carry On: The story

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Who would have believed, it didn’t go live.

Even though the English were still victorious without it, imagine the possibilities if it did print during WWll.

Truly a remarkable story.

The End

The Johnny Cash Project: Design love

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Bought to you by Chris Milk

No words needed.

The End.

Design matters..

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Cleaver little idea from Hasan & Partners with the goal to educate the general public the importance of design in everyday life.


This little project took place in Helsinki the world design capital for 2012 by implementing the Kauko pop-up café featuring designs that you can control remotely in real time and on the web. All with the goal to demonstrate to those who are not naturally interested in or take notice of design benefits, to show them the importance how design influences their lives every day ever where and can be done by anyone.

Designers winning.