I’ve missed you

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Sorry that I have not been paying you attention my loves but I’ve been really busy recently. I promise that I have not been cheating on you and I will make it up to you. Well actually I won’t but what can you do about it. Ha


Monday Madness: Is this the reason Bear Grylls was fired?

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No it wasn’t, but it damn well should have been.

How shocking was that, he should definitely stick to the more real life man vs the wild productions, which he is king for. It looks like he is simply forcing it and can you blame him the man conquered Mt Everest at only 23 and tames wild man eating beasts, and that’s just before breakfast. Unfortunately for Mr Bear Grylls the real reason for him being axed is due to more contractual disagreements with the Discovery Channel, which I wont go into detail.

The main man will definitely be missed but only if he does not show up in my ad breaks like this again.

I still can’t believe  Unilever actually made a series of these.

Doubt anyone would put there hands up, but does anyone know the agency responsible for these?


Seriously Japan WTF

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This is so bad that it’s actually ugly.


Now there is a reason to never go and work in Japan.

One lucky lad:

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What are the chance’s of this happening? Even he is shocked amazeballs..


Bravo old chap bravo.