Tastes like AWESOME feels: Doritos Jacked – Joyride

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Awesome little spot by Goodby Silverstein for Doritos new range Jacked with flavours like Smoky Chipotle BBQ and Enchilada Supreme.


The tagline alone is worth it to try these.

Can’t wait to grab a pack.




Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Sauce: First campaign

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A Jamaican born Rasta, Levi Roots‘ has had a bit of a rollercoaster ride with his career and come from strength to strength ever since his appearance on Dragon’s Den way back in January 2007. Where he was successful in signing not one but two dragons, with the likes of both Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh, as investors by singing his pitch. He sold 40% of the company for a mere £50k but the investors did quite a bit more than just help with cash they also aided him get into stores and to where he is today.  The company produces and sells a few variety of sauce’s which has twist of a Jamaican flavour, which he learned the recipes from his Grandmother. Gotta’ love Grandmothers.

Today Levi is basically the face of Reggae Reggae after all he is the perfect personification for the brand very much like Branson is for Virgin. So the obviously solution for the advertising is to make him the brand personality and to follow this through with every touch point in all communications. Keeping to the Jamaican rasta roots will inevitably be the largest POD as well as the simplest to succumbed successfully, yes there is direct competition and well done to you if any come’s straight to mind because basically Levi has created his own product category amongst the sauces. In the end Levi also basically did the job for the agency well at least made their lives that much simpler to do. If it is ever that simple, which we doubt.


JWT London was responsible for bringing Levi Roots to life, using the same production treatment to that of the British favourite Wallace & Gromit and you already have a winner. Then add Levi singing reggae to his BBQ food, while slightly adding in a touch of product information and their benefits amongst a catchy track. Finish off with the strap line, “Put some music in your food” and there my friends you have an ad straight from the advertising handbook for dummies. Before you judge let’s be honest now because this is simply is the best and only way in which you can advertise Reggae Reggae Sauce because if it were anything different it wouldn’t be on brand and even though it is the obvious it’s still a great piece of creative. Just goes to show sometimes the simpler is the best solution.

Well done JWT we likes.

Project Re-Brief: Coca Cola with Harvey Gabor

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If you are in advertising this might just bring a tear to your eyes but it will definitely bring a smile to your day.

Not sure if you can remember or actually ever saw or heard of the original Coke “Hilltop” campaign from 1971 created by McCann-Erickson. As most of us weren’t even around then, hell my old man had probably just started puberty so I was still swimming with training wings. Below is the famous “Hilltop” ad and if you want to read up more about the original campaign then click here .

Last year the guys over at Google, created a new challenge for themselves, as Google does. The goal was simple – how can ideas that defined the advertising industry in it’s infancy, inspire a whole new generation of creatives and marketers?

That goal alone sounds inspiring but then they went a step further and asked for Harvey Gabor, the original Art Director of Coke’s Hilltop ad. To come out of retirement to help give his input and inspiration into the Coca Cola’s re-imagine “Hilltop” re-brief and this is what happened.


How amazing is that – the old guy has still got it and how quickly does he adjust.

I had to laugh at the ladies question 3min in, “what is the thought the one thing that, that took it from ok too really great” she’s basically asking for the secret of the universe. Seriously sweetheart firstly that’s a no no simply the wrong question to ask, even if it’s been buttered up and it’s simply cheating. Please if life were as easy we would all be invincible. But if you ever find out then please do let me know.

Love how they keep the same single minded proposition “I’d like to buy the world a Coke.” Whilst adjusting the original big idea, into the 21st century by using today’s technology capabilities, nice gotta love originality. Marrying the best of the old with the best of the new now that’s retro.

It’s also amazing to see clients make straight forward answers right there on the spot.

And how pimp is his old school presentation pitch, some of us still use most of that today – using boards and singing. Still I have not seen many creative peeps who would sing the tune that they themselves chose to sell? It’s all about the passion but then again I don’t blame you if your like me and can’t sing to win a date.

Bang – Click and Bang – Click

A little magic.