It’s no secret that I’m a massive muscle fan and for those of you who know me, know’s that driving a GT500 67 Mustang (aka Eleanor from Gone In 60′) down route 66 is one of my dreams. Call me old fashioned but classics are classic, enough said. Saying that it’s been taking me a while to approve of the new series of Mustang’s which Ford have bought out. Yes Ford have kept the Mustangs’ fundamentals with the body work and performance, and thank goodness for them they even managed to keep the triple lens tail lights after all it is “the car that was designed by you”. Then recently London based agency Blue Hive (partnered with Ogilvy) released this little beaut which perfectly resembles exactly that and in the process persuaded my personal perception of the new release.


You have to love it when an agency respects the heritage of the product and more importantly the brand’s core values, by visually showing the design capabilities and don’t forget the stunning lines which Ford have kept in the new Muscle. Great timing with all the hype around the film Black Swan, toying with the alter ego factor, which we all know you have. Everyone has an inner Mustang, what a great line to finish it off.

Overall great work Blue Hive, I love it.

What’s you favourite design?

“Unleash your’s”