I know I have not been paying you as much attention as I should have been lately my beauties and I sincerely apologise. However I do have a valid excuse, you see this week was pitch week and you all know how insane pitch week can get. Where the agencies aura is pulsating with a mixture of excitement; passion and stress, there is hardly anything better for me than pitch week. Ruffling through the research; the late sleepless nights; the constant bashing of brains; the 20 cups a day of coffee; pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner; over a million phone calls and reverting your 9th draft of the presentation only to go back to your 1st idea, is all worth it even if you happen lose. Call me a freak or call me an adrenalin junky it’s simply that natural rush you get for a whole week that drives me to another level of high. What’s not to love, this is why I’m in this industry because at the end of the day it’s sure not for the pay cheque. Ok maybe it is a little.

This time it gets even better than that, as we were competing up against my old agency from 4 years ago and can you believe it for my very own old account, what are the chances it’s like a dream or nightmare come true for any ad man. So you could imagine how personal this pitch felt for me and how that much more it was important for me. Now I’m one of thee most competitive blokes around and never one to back down, even a game of monopoly with the other half is known to turn into a deadly warzone. So this pitch for me was rather a case of do or die where only the strongest will survive, throwing my everything at it giving 120% rather than the normal 110.

The strategy was sound after all I always knew what pieces the business missed and eagerly needed, something for which I was constantly silenced for in the past. Our biggest threat was a partly new client team as we barely knew anything about them and how they thought or what they believed in. Our game plan was to turn that threat into our biggest opportunity and to followed through with what we believed in. The creative came out the furnace cooked perfectly, hitting the spot just right and ever so sweetly.

The pitch finally happened and I managed to catch a glimpse of the fear in the eyes of my old senior ad man. That alone was rewarding enough but to add the cherry on top this morning we were announced victorious.

I feel a bit like Charlie Sheen but who doesn’t love the feeling of winning.

As they say, who laughs last laughs longest or hardest, it doesn’t matter which one they say because trust me they are both so freaking true.

Winning, onwards and upwards.