Y&R get a little cheeky with the latest campaign for Playboy in South Africa dubbing it, More than just a centrefold. Well let’s be honest it is perfectly true as Playboy is seen as more of a gentlemen’s magazine filled with useful and interesting content than its competitors, not that it really matter to the masses.

Ever since I can remember Playboy have been pushing this positioning yet for some reason I just can’t ever imagine the magazine being passed as acceptable in public. Imagine seeing a man reading the mag out in public, let’s say the business lounge at Heathrow and then on the tube into work.  Which man other than Hugh would be able to pull it off?

Even though they are trying to make the gentlemen’s magazine more acceptable to the masses or maybe being good sports in helping you persuading your better halves. No matter how much they push the message, I doubt they would ever believe you. They would read right through you if you tried to tell them that you buy the magazine more for its editorial content rather than the photographical images.  Still I love the shrewdness not complaining, I mean who wouldn’t like to see more ads like this, at billboard size perhaps.

Very naughty concept, I like!