A summer to remember: Marks & Spencer

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Lovely feel good campaign for Marks & Spencer celebrating the upcoming summer and we all know that there is nothing more in which the British welcome with open arms. Try and see how many celeb’s you can find in the below TVC.


Quite a few returns from their past spokes models don’t you say. Including Gary Barlow, Noemie Lenoir, sweet Mylene Klaas, the lovely Dannii Minogue, the man Jamie Redknapp (even though I need to keep him as far away from my lady as possible) to re-join Madam Twiggy. M&S putting their money where their mouth is, nice.

To be honest at first glance I honestly thought this was another Tommy Hilfiger ad and can you blame me have a look at the below 2010 Fall campaign by Tommy and please tell me you don’t agree?


Told you, how similar are they? they almost have the same tone and feel don’t they?

Well at least M&S can pull it off.

Well done RKCR/Y&R.

Come on Summer..


Land Rover: Been anywhere interesting lately

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The latest ad for Land Rover by RKCR/Y&R focusing on brand positioning rather than product line. Great timing as it’s about 6 months since the launch of the more city slicking Evoque.


Just a little reminder that Land Rover are the kings of discovery.

Pun intended.

I like.