Skin tight with Skyy Vodka

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Good morning beauties hope you all had a packed full weekend filled with excitement. Have a got a little something for you just to help kick your week off to a good start.


What a great visually appealing with a slight James Bond feeling, Skyy Vodka ad. Proving that sex does sell.

Great work by Lambesis and director Steven Antin.


Playboy: More than just a centrefold

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Y&R get a little cheeky with the latest campaign for Playboy in South Africa dubbing it, More than just a centrefold. Well let’s be honest it is perfectly true as Playboy is seen as more of a gentlemen’s magazine filled with useful and interesting content than its competitors, not that it really matter to the masses.

Ever since I can remember Playboy have been pushing this positioning yet for some reason I just can’t ever imagine the magazine being passed as acceptable in public. Imagine seeing a man reading the mag out in public, let’s say the business lounge at Heathrow and then on the tube into work.  Which man other than Hugh would be able to pull it off?

Even though they are trying to make the gentlemen’s magazine more acceptable to the masses or maybe being good sports in helping you persuading your better halves. No matter how much they push the message, I doubt they would ever believe you. They would read right through you if you tried to tell them that you buy the magazine more for its editorial content rather than the photographical images.  Still I love the shrewdness not complaining, I mean who wouldn’t like to see more ads like this, at billboard size perhaps.

Very naughty concept, I like!

Roll on summer: Something for the boys

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Happy Friday lads. N’joy..


Victoria’s Secret, secret swim.

Don’t ever say that I don’t look out for you guys.

One for the boys: Victoria’s Secret’s online ad

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How to turn shit into sex: Literally

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Yeah yeah yeah we have all heard the puns that surround the plumbing’ profession like “Plumbers live a flush life”; “We repair what your husband fixed”; “Don’t sleep with a drip call your plumber “; “Your shit is our bread and butter”; “If it’s tight it’s right”, I could go on like this all day. But let’s be honest 99% of those are just for shit and giggles (did you see what I did there) and their day to day job is basically around the management of clearing you’re excrete, lovely.

So how does a drainage product positively influence and grabs the the household decision maker attention, which is the naturally the woman of the household. Well DDB San Fran did and they literally turn shit into sex, naturally because women think about sex 99.9% of the day with two men, don’t lie ladies us men all know you do there’s no need to blush.

It’s a fact sex sells, it’s been confirmed by science and science doesn’t lie, true story, FULL STOP.


Drop in two hunky tall, dark and handsome men. Cue some inappropriate 60’s elevator music then insert a seductive Barry White like voice over to a humours yet cleaver sexual punning script and there my friends you have a innuendo winner, in selling Liquid Plumr drain cleaner.

Let’s see how many ladies out there actually got the core product benefit message?

I’m here to snake your drain!


One way to get the lads attention:

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The super foxy Lingerie model and page 3 girl Rhian Sugden shows us her raunchy side in this darkly seductive short film shot by world renowned photographer Rankin.

NSFW – unless your boss is chilled like that..


Bet you didn’t see that coming did you?