Recently the vodka giant Absolut played their latest move against Smirnoff for the world title Vodka championship where the winner will walk away with their reputation in tacked while the looser are left with the scraps.

Smirnoff teamed up with Madonna where they endorsed the brand in the music video’s bar scene as well as riding on the campaign by throwing a completion where the winner would perform with the material girl live at the Super Bowl. You might think that’s a freaking awesome strategy and pretty much sound but then again if you think about it most of the attention would have always undoubtedly go to Madonna, cause that’s just how she rolls. How many of you actually even knew that Smirnoff was involved in the music video? Could you imagine how much that actually cost them? And after all that, what return did they actually really achieve?

deStill it didn’t take long for Absolut to stand up to the challenge and did they step up. Known for being inspired for artistic ways Absolut released this little puppy in collaboration with the Swedish House Mafia called Greyhound.


How amazing was that? Great work from TBWA New York!

Not only did Absolut adapt itself to meet the challenge but they took the challenge on head first, diving straight into Smirnoff’s territory of dance and parties and showed them who is boss.  Whilst staying true to the brand the entire time. Absolut’ely splashing into their competitors target market by hiring none other than Swedish House Mafia and not only did they get the musicians full involvement they actually listened (well they must have) or trusted them to do what’s best in order for both parties to enjoy the fruits of this project. In the end the best outcomes often happen when you let everyone have their fare say and they will give you their fare share in return, Absolut winning.


Your move Smirnoff