Friday’s Fat Tracks:

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Happy weekend peeps..



See you all on the other side.

Play nicely.


Pepsi: Crowd surfing

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I’m not entirely sure if I like this one.


Yes it might have the likes of the Messi, Drogba, Lampard and the worlds worst transfer EVER Fernando Torres. It even has the almighty Calvin Harris on the decks. But for me it just doesn’t seem to all work together. Perhaps it’s a little far fetched for me but I still prefer the older Pepsi footie ads such as this one for the World Cup in South Africa, or the Medieval Fight, or the Sumo commercial. They just had that good feel factor to them which I feel this campaign is lacking on top of that it was felt more achievable where this feels totally unrealistic, maybe a bit to far fetched this time by CLM BBDO, Paris. Suppose you can’t win them all. Another issue I have is why did they feel the need to show the players names when anyone who follow’s the game will know who those players are and surely that’s who they are targeting? Maybe it all just needed a little bit more time in post production to clean up the rough edges.

Great concept gone wrong I feel. I’m no creative but it almost feels as if it should be the other way round where the game come’s first the music second and crowd third. Something the lines, like having the players do their thing while Calvin Harris meets the beat to their feet and introducing the fans to join in the mix but not unrealistic crowd surfing, just saying.

Still I love the ending where the Messi sneaks off with the vending machine, very cheeky.

What do you think?

Friday’s Fat Tracks

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Happy Friday peeps, the sun is out and I’m off to play.


Have an amazing weekend..

O2 is not done yet

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They recently teamed up with the guys from Walk off the Earth, yes that’s right the peeps who did that awesome Gotye cover for Somebody That I Used to Know, click here if you have already forgotten. Even though I have a bit of a pickle with O2 using the Malvina Reynolds track Little Boxes in their campaign which I slated here. However I always give credit when it is deserved and this is an amazing version and O2 has won respect for riding on the interwebs trend. Wonder what else they might have up their sleeves.


A little inspiration with the use of boxes as instruments, even though it is a given.

Can’t wait to be proved wrong and see more work like this for O2.

Well done VCCP

Friday’s Fat Track’s

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Allrighty peep’s it’s that time of the week again, here is a little somethings to get your mood into the groove..


and that ripper of a track from Swedish house Mafia that we spoke about earlier this week here.


Warmed up yet?

Have a good weekend peeps and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Easy now!

Friday’s Fat Tracks

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Lets start you off with a fun little summer track, just to lighten the mood.


Then turn up the volume and get into the Friday groove, cause it’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidayyyyy people.


Have a good weekend peep’s, see you on the other side.