Wacky Wednesday: Excited Caddy

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Paul Casey had some fun with his caddie during the Final round on the 15th hole par 3 at TPC Blue Monster – Doral promising his caddie that he could have the prize if he shoots the hole-in-one. If you don’t follow golf, most tournaments offer a prize if you achieve a hole-in-one most of the times it’s a car and this time the prize was a Cadillac. Next thing the unthinkable happens and the Casey using an 8 iron drops it into the hole prompting his caddie Craig Connelly (aka Wee Man) to go hyper excited, wouldn’t you?

There is however one tiny little hiccup.


The 15th hole wasn’t the prize winning hole, sadly it was on display for the 13th.

But how funny was that dropped lip, when Wee Man finds out the sad news from the officials and to make matters worse Casey turns around to rub it in even more. Well boys will be boys.

Shame you have to forgive Wee Man’s excitement as it was Casey’s first start since his injury from a snowboarding incident last year.

Wee Man joked at the end of day saying “I never enjoyed not winning a car so much”



Wacky Wednesday!

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So it is true.

Happy hump day peeps!