Good morning peep’s and welcome back from the weekend, glad you managed to have survived it. Just in time to tackle Monday head on and whatever obstacles she may challenge you. Good luck and just remember the finish line is only 4 days away and if you need a reason to smile just have a look outside because the sun is out and the day is our’s.

Another reason to smile is because Y&R Amsterdam’s creative duo Lionell Schuring and Sheldon Bont bring you this cleverly cheeky little number for the LG slim series TV’s.


Did you see that the TV was under his arm the whole way through? go back and have a look if you don’t believe me, I dare you!

How does one come up with the idea like that? one of the lad’s must have been a kleptomaniac in his past life to think up that one, surely. Still very clever and extremely witty piece of viral marketing, I like.

That’s one way to advertise slender TV’s, or at least help some dodgy people get busted cause the chances of someone pulling that off for real, is slim.

It’s a win win I say.

Happy mad Monday.